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Memories as a child visiting Eden Springs Park & Zoo has created a passion on my part to try to recreate the House of David Park in picture and movie formats. The train rides, the peacocks walking about the aviary, the thrill of driving miniature cars and the roller coaster excitement crossing over the 40 ft train trestles.   I want to Make a special thanks to , Mary Alice & Earl  Boyersmith. Mary Alice provided me a video of all the video clips that you can enjoy as well as some wonderful pictures scanned from Earl's scrap book. For a list of all contributors, please go to the credits section.  My goal is to  re-create a 'virtual' tour of The House of David's Eden Springs Park & Zoo.  I Hope you enjoy the tour.  
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We are very happy to bring you these
great movie clips compliments of 
Earl &  Mary Alice Boyersmith

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